One of those times, a watershed

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IMG_9589Good heavens, it’s 2015 already. Whodathunk?

December 31st 2014 has, at the stroke of a clock, become January 1st 2015. It’s one of those times, a cusp, a watershed. Or so it would appear. We have to remember to put 2015, not 2014, when we write a date, and when our birthdays arrive we’ll be a year older.

But – I hate to be a wet blanket – nothing really changes. The days proceed. Sunrise will be about a minute later until the winter solstice, sunset a trifle earlier. Or the other way round if you’re in the northern hemisphere. Where I live the stifling summer heat and humidity will give way to the peaceful days of autumn. Maybe where you live the snow will melt, the days will lengthen and the buds will swell, the promise of new growth. Somewhere in the world people will find new ways to fight disease, develop a new application for the mobile phone and discover more fascinating facts about the universe we live in. Somewhere in the world there’ll be a war. Planes, will crash, terrorists will strike, rivers will flood, cyclones will wreak havoc.

Same old, same old.

Maybe this holiday is best used as a period of reflection, a brief pause in the cycle of time. When it comes down to it, the only thing we can really change is ourselves. Sometimes that can mean a huge difference to the rest of the world, sometimes not.

I don’t do the resolution thing. Time is an arbitrary construct, something we use to make sense of our lives. But I have a few small goals.

  • Get my weight back to 60kg not for cosmetic reasons, but because I don’t like being overweight
  • Publish at least two new books, because writing is better than joining a bowls club
  • Enjoy life and don’t fuss about things I can’t do much about because what’s the point in stressing?
  • Take more pictures because I love to capture moments of time and imprison them forever

Thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed my books – especially those who have told me so. It’s nice to know I’m not just writing for myself. The new book is nearing completion. I’m hoping for a release in February or March. Thank you, too, for stopping by my blog. Do call again.

Best wishes to you all.

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