Morgan Selwood is a Supertech, modified at birth to incorporate a super computer into her brain. Her eyes are replaced with sophisticated technology that enables her to connect her massive computer capability wirelessly with any computer. She’s a product of an age after the devastating Cyber Wars when Humanity was brought to the brink of extinction after a battle with the machines which had taken over the running of society. Humanity was thrown into a Dark Age. When it recovered, it vowed to keep  the workings of machine technology out of the hands of most people. Supertechs build and modify all machines, and Supertechs are controlled. But some Supertechs are more easily controlled than others.


Morgan’s Misfits


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She’s a Supertech, bioengineered from birth, fresh out of the Academy and tasked with designing a control system for an experimental fighter. Morgan’s up for the challenge but there’s more to the job than meets the eye. The Fleet invested in her education but did they train her for … this?

Ensign Morgan Selwood was almost too good at her job and far too casual about Fleet rules and regulations. Tasked with designing a control system for an untested attack fighter seemed like a dream come true and a real career booster. But the specs and modules tell only part of the story—what Morgan discovers can put not just her career, but lives at risk.

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A Victory Celebration

What’s good for the gander has to be good for the goose … or so Morgan thinks. The fleet has won a major battle and Ravindra’s doing his celebratory thing with his officers. Morgan gets a rare invite for a girls’ night out.

Dinner, a little dancing, a little jealous pining… And a whole lot of trouble when Ravindra discovers his lady is out ‘n about… without protection. What started as an innocent night on the town turns into something very, very different.

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Some rites of passage should be remembered…

Life’s good for 18-year-old Ashkar Ravindra. School’s over, and he’s been accepted into the Fleet Academy. There’s time for one last trip up into the mountains in the brand new flitter his father gave him as a graduation present, before his real life, the one he’s been groomed for from the day he was born, begins in earnest.

Up in the mountains not everyone is pleased to see the privileged admiral’s son. Jealousy and ulterior motives turn the pleasant hunting trip into an ordeal. Lives are a stake. If Ashkar makes the wrong decision, he will be the first to die.

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