The Misfits are off on another planet-hopping adventure.

When Chet, Toreni, and Jirra rescue Marisa, mistress of Shar Burk’s brutal governor Soldar, from certain death they think they’re just helping a fellow woman to a new life. But what did Marisa do to earn a death sentence? Is it just a couple of dictators flexing their muscles? Or something much more dangerous? They set off to follow a tenuous trail where Marisa discovers there’s a whole new world off Shar Burk space station and men much nicer than Soldar.

But by taking in Marisa, the team has been noticed by Soldar. Helped by a traitor in Fleet Intelligence, he’s on their trail before they discover his plans. And he wants them all dead.

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Space Opera/ Science Fiction Romance. There are some non-specific sex scenes. There’s action, adventure and politics in this adventure of Morgan’s Misfits. There are appearances from Morgan and Ravindra.


“Escape from Shar Burk is a rousing action-adventure SciFi with a dollop of romance and a mystery…. This is hair-raising space adventure and a satisfying ending to the story arc. Highly recommend.”