All three Morgan’s Misfits adventures in one volume.

Morgan’s Misfits – Jirra, a Hasta ex-Fleet engineer who’s in love with the wrong man, Chet, a Mirka who was a detective and has been exiled, and Toreni, an elite Shuba trooper who’d rather be a chef. It’s an unlikely alliance of women who don’t quite fit into the rigid caste system of their society.

Working with Morgan Selwood, they embark on dangerous adventures to help Fleet in its fight against enemies of the Union. Success demands more than team work. They’ll have to jettison their own prejudices and forge relationships free of the rules and caste lines that dominate ordinary social mores. And navigate the uncharted space lanes of romance.

Kuralon Rescue – the Misfits stage a daring raid to rescue two men from a prison planet.

Rescuing Romila – the Misfits are on a mission to uncover a drug-smuggling operation.

Escape from Shar Burk – the Misfits rescue Shar Burk’s governor’s mistress from certain death – but what did she do to deserve a death sentence?

NOTE: All three books have been published individually

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