A year of bookends #photo

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So. What do I have to show for 2014?

A refurbished house

A brief whip around the Whitsundays (fodder for the latest book – still in progress)

What are you doing in our house?
What are you doing in our house?

The possums and the lorikeets are in dispute about ownership of the big nest box in the palm tree. On the basis of ‘needs must’ one of the other nest boxes is now called home.

One-eye and his mate
One-eye and his mate

One of the pairs of lorikeets setting up house includes the little guy with only one eye. He’s been around since the event that cost him his eye. He recuperated here because it’s safe and the food is easily available. Hopefully this pair will raise a chick.

Note the broken beak
Note the broken beak

We have a resident white ibis with a handicap – a section has broken off his lower beak, making it hard for him to compete for food with others of his kind.

1 book (Kuralon Rescue) and 1 Novella (A Matter of Trust)

And, of course, a bunch of pictures.

To say goodbye to 2014, here’s a month-by-month gallery of photos. They were all taken either at sunrise or sunset. That’s why they’re a year of bookends. Enjoy.  Oh, by the way, they’re all copyright.

2014 01 copy
2014 02 copy
2014 03 copy
Start of an Autumn day
2014 05 copy
2014 06 copy
2014 07 copy
2014 08 copy
2014 09 copy
2014 10 copy
2014 11 copy
2014 12 copy

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  1. Julia Barrett

    Seems like you’ve had an interesting year! I hope 2015 is even better. Love the lorikeets! Now if those giant poisonous spiders would just move off the continent…

  2. E J Frost

    Wow, what wonderful scenic photos!

    Very jealous of your wildlife. We just have blackbirds and rabbits contending for domination of the garden here.

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