When the universe tugs at your lead…

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I hadn’t intended to write a photography blog so soon after my debut yesterday. But sometimes the universe jerks your lead and you just have to go along with the tug.

I went to the beach this morning, my trusty camera in hand. It looked like a nice day and I hoped I might catch up with a few of my feathered friends. Some of them have become friends, although I’ll forgive you for not believing me. Some, I swear, love to have their picture taken and seek me out when I arrive.

Today the Brahmani Kite was out on the tidal flat at Tooan-tooan creek but he’d caught a sea snake for dinner and was soon off to a safer haunt, no doubt to a perch above the creek where he often goes.

So I wandered on, up the beach. In the distance a bird bathing in the shallows caught my eye so I went to see. It was another friend, one of the pair of ospreys, a largish sea eagle. I’d been hoping to catch up with it this morning but I hadn’t anticipated the treat I had in store.

He flapped around in the shallows just like any duck, getting the water through his feathers, preening between dousing.

A bathing osprey holds up its wings to dry

When he’d had enough, he set about drying his wings, flapping them about while he stood in the water

Then he was off. A mighty leap into the air with a massive down beat of those powerful wings

He swept away, over the beach and around the bay to search for lunch, I guess.

I’m so lucky to see these things. Share by all means – but acknowledge my copyright.

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  2. M. A. McRae (Marj)

    Very, very nice. Timing and a good camera plus a touch of genius. Well done.

  3. carver22

    Yes, please keep going to the beach and please keep sharing.

  4. Susan Spann

    Absolutely gorgeous images. You’ve really captured the motion and majesty of these birds – action shots of avian subjects aren’t easy!

  5. fremont110293

    Aren’t digital cameras wonderful? You can just capture serendipity as you come upon it.
    My own camera gave up the ghost. While I miss it, Ijust haven’t been able to find time to go research and buy a new one.Seeing your beautiful photo blog has given me a kick in the you know what. Gotta go get a new one.

    • Greta van der Rol

      Oh man, if I had to buy film I couldn’t afford it. I toss so many shots into the bin, always hoping for a good one. This time, I scored lucky and got quite a few good shots. But even so, a site like Dreamstime won’t accept them, ‘cos the lighting isn’t perfect. Oh well.

  6. Jennifer Lewis Oliver

    I love seeing these pictures, Greta.
    My sister has taken up photograph in the last few years. She has many little yard friends (birds, squirrels, and the like) that come to visit with her. And she loves to go to the beach in the mornings and evenings just so she can see all the wildlife.
    I do believe you when you say you’ve made some friends… and I think its wonderful!
    I’m so glad you are sharing this with us.

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