Some don’t like it hot

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Whether you like it or not, sex, love, and romance are a part of life. It can be a powerful driver. But ‘soppy stuff’ didn’t fit into the blokey world of science fiction. Admittedly, James T. Kirk cut a swathe through the ladies in Star Trek, ‘alien’ or not. In the original Star Wars trilogy, though, there was hardly a female in sight, apart from Princess Leia. And the Big Romance with Han Solo was all bickering and one kiss. I thought I could do better than that. So I did.

Peter Robinson leaves you thinking after you’ve closed the book

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Crime fiction is one of the old stand-bys for me, when I’m looking for something to read that’s interesting, and a bit brain challenging. The old whodunnit. I enjoyed Agatha Christie’s work and I’ve read a number of others, mainly … Continued

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