A review is just somebody’s opinion

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A review is just somebody’s opinion. It’s something of a truism, of course. And sometimes, it’s not even true. Some reviews are deliberate attempts to undermine a book’s (or a movie’s, or a restaurant’s) reputation. Sometimes they’re the reverse – … Continued

4 points to consider before you join that Facebook group

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Since Facebook became a paying concern, author Facebook pages have become (in my opinion) pretty much a waste of time. Here’s my take on that issue. However, that doesn’t mean Facebook is a waste of time. Increasingly, as Facebook’s ever-changing … Continued

You can’t be too careful with that precious first page

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Authors, you can’t be too careful when crafting that precious first page for your tour de force. This is a case study. Since he retired, my husband has read a lot of books. He tends to like crime, thrillers, mystery … Continued

Should content warnings be standard on books?

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The subject of ‘trigger warnings’ has come up for heated discussion among my circles of friends. For those of you who have just emerged from under a rock, “Colleges across the country this spring have been wrestling with student requests … Continued

Createspace? Lulu? Which should you choose for your print books?

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If you’re a self-publisher and you’ve decided it’s worth offering a print version of your novel, you may be trying to decide between Createspace, Lulu and Lightning Source. I’ve not tried Lightning Source, but I can share my experience with … Continued

Using Lulu for print books

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UPDATE: Since I discovered Lulu is affiliated with Author Solutions I have withdrawn my books. Here’s why. All my print books are available through Createspace, though. I’ve decided to offer printed, dead tree copies of my longer titles via Lulu. … Continued

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