What’s the opposite of writer’s block?

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Writer’s insomnia. That state when you’re on a roll, the story is flowing – but there are holes and questions (there are always holes and questions) and ‘oh hey’ moments and ‘is that plausible’ moments. And they all get together in your head and shake you awake at 2am. You think you’re getting up for a wee and a drink of water. But no. They ambush you, make you listen, pour words in your ears.

It’s fabulous. I LOVE this story. (It’s still called WIP – that’s Work in Progress for those not in the circle.)

Meanwhile, a huge storm built up to the south of us, complete with mammary clouds, thunder and lightning. Fortunately, we got to enjoy the spectacle at sunset – but didn’t have to face the fury of the storm.

Impressive, it was. Share photos, I will.


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  1. Greta

    Yep. About 4:45 for me, too. But I’d already been staring at the ceiling for an hour or two.

    • Greta

      Yep, you’re right. And this morning we have a change of tack. Back to the editing room

  2. Bill Kirton

    Such a familiar feeling – but I have to confess it (i.e. the insomnia bit) does produce results. I’ve had about 3 early hours ideas for linking themes in my own WIP which will raise it from mere brilliance to genius. Now, what were they?
    Love the photos as uaual.

    • Greta

      It does produce results. I think if it isn’t happening, I’m not in the groove.

  3. Eva Caye

    LOL I’m up at 4:43 a.m. for this very reason!! *high fives Greta*

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