A time of endings and beginnings

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I’ve just finished reading the last Discworld novel. “The Shepherd’s Crown”.  The tile of this post comes from the book’s blurb. A SHIVERING OF WORLDS Deep in the Chalk, something is stirring. The owls and the foxes can sense it, … Continued

You can’t be too careful with that precious first page

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Authors, you can’t be too careful when crafting that precious first page for your tour de force. This is a case study. Since he retired, my husband has read a lot of books. He tends to like crime, thrillers, mystery … Continued

What I learnt from “Slow Lightning” or how to build a riveting plot

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Jack McDevitt’s Slow Lightning (or Infinity Beach in the US) was one of those books which I bought and had sitting on the shelf for – years, actually, and that was after the years of prevarication before I bought it. … Continued

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