Meet the Crimson Lady

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It’s finally release day!

The blurb.

One hundred years ago the pirate ship Crimson Lady terrorized the space lanes, then she disappeared without a trace, leaving behind nothing but tall tales and legends. Until Tara Wyndham finds an artifact from the lost ship

Rys Kovas made a mistake when he left Fleet to take over his uncle’s tourist business. He jumps at the chance to hire out his luxury yacht to go hunting for a ghost ship with the lovely Tara and her grandfather. But murder, sabotage, and accidents mar their journey.  It’s clear somebody doesn’t want them following the trail. As the danger ramps up Rys suspects there’s more to the mystery of the Crimson Lady than a long-lost spacefarer’s story.

Can Rys, Tara, and her indomitable grandfather unravel the mystery and escape with their lives?

The Search for the Crimson Lady is a short novel introducing brand new characters into my Dryden Universe. There is a brief appearance by Jort Admiral Ul-Mellor, who had his own story in A Matter of Trust. It’s essentially a space opera with a romance arc.

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It has been a long, hard struggle but I’m happy with how the story turned out. I hope you enjoy it.

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