Will the Demon Admiral protect her from her family?

Princess Amira is ready to start a new life after the death of her husband, but that doesn’t include marrying the man her father picks out for her. Pursued by his agents, she races across the galaxy in a desperate search for a safe haven. Amid simmering tensions at the edge of the Empire, Amira renews her acquaintance with Imperial Admiral Ul-Mellor. Although his detractors call him the Demon Admiral,  Amira finds him intelligent, articulate, and very attractive.

But Ul-Mellor is not human and Amira is a princess – far above Ul-Mellor’s status on his home world. He and Amira will have to overcome a gulf of cultural and class differences if they’re to turn their mutual attraction into a relationship. And what will Ul-Mellor do when faced with a choice – Amira or his hard-won commission?

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A Matter of Trust is a novella which introduces the characters of Admiral Ul-Mellor and his lady, Princess Amira. It’s a space opera, full of action and adventure, with a romance thrown in. The Dryden Universe has a number of non-human species, and you’ll meet a couple in this book.


“Wonderful world building. Such great detail, felt like I was there. Loved the h and H. Both are honorable, smart, courageous, compassionate people.”

“A really good SFR story with great characters and action. The romance is believable.”

“Very compelling. I read in one sitting. Passionate characters with great cultural descriptions. I buy anything she writes. She describes extraordinary events in a matter of fact way that grabs you. Excellent.”