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One of my Facebook friends, who writes under the name of Kira Morgana, posted a fun photo on her timeline – a cat sitting on one of her books. “Wow”, I thought. (As you do). “I wonder how she did that?”

Photofunia, that’s how.

What can I say? It’s a damp Saturday morning and my eyes lit up. I’m like a kiddy in a sweet shop, all agog. Look at what you can do!

"Morgan's Choice" in the news
“Morgan’s Choice” in the news
The Iron Admiral - Conspiracy and Deception
“The Iron Admiral” – Conspiracy and Deception


'Starheart" at the museum
“Starheart” at the museum


The Demon's Eye poster
“The Demon’s Eye” up on a wall

You’re welcome 🙂

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