Flinders Range – taken from the truck

A visit to the outback 2016

Australia’s inland sea – one more off the bucket list

I’ve always wanted to see Lake Eyre in flood. After a flight to Adelaide, we headed off to Port Augusta and the start of the Outback.

Crossing the Flinders – the Pichi Richi pass

From Port Augusta we travelled north, crossing the Flinders Ranges via the Pichi Richi pass. We’re following the old railway line built for the Ghan in 1879, and stopping at Marree, just a stone’s throw from Lake Eyre.

Lake Eyre to Birdsville by air

We take a look at mound springs on our way to William Creek to catch a plane.

Birdsville and more Lake Eyre

We landed in iconic Birdsville on Good Friday and I got to cross another entry off my bucket list. After a tour of the town, we flew over Lake Eyre again on our way back to Marree.

Marree to Wilpena Pound

We were off to Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheatre in the Flinders Ranges and another of my bucket list items.

Geology and rock wallabies

The Flinders Ranges are ancient, and erosion has resulted in layers of geology being visible to those who know where to look. A visit to gorges, and we spot the yellow-footed rock wallaby. And after that we went back to Adelaide and back home.