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Stirling Castle – Upstairs

picture of Model of Stirling castleI recently posted a few dioramas of the engine room (so to speak) of Stirling Castle – the kitchen and bake house. We also visited the upstairs chambers, where the gentry lived. Much of the restored part dates back to the sixteenth century. At this time, the kings of Scotland used Stirling Castle as home. You’ll find an explanation and further photos, at the castle’s own website. The restoration work is quite remarkable, showing the colour and pageantry associated with royalty.

At left is a model of the castle and the buildings within its walls.

picture of Scottish coat of arms

The Scottish coat of arms boasts a unicorn and a golden eagle.

Picture of Tapestry of unicorn hunt

This wonderful tapestry depicts a unicorn hunt. A free unicorn was meant to be a very dangerous beast and you can see this one is fighting back.

picture of the Queen's bedchamber

This is the queen’s bedchamber. Privacy wasn’t so highly prized in those times, but the bed had drapes around it. The rich fabrics softened the cold, austere stone walls.

Picture of decorated ceiling

Intricate designs decorate the ceilings. This is not just decoration, it is a show of wealth, power, influence to any visiting nobles.

Picture of the Chapel Royal

This lovely building is the Chapel Royal

picture of The queen's jester

The Queen’s jester provided entertainment. She told stories, played musical instruments, juggled and generally kept Her Majesty amused. Behind her you can see more of that magnificent unicorn hunt tapestry.

The kitchens at Stirling Castle

Picture of Stirling castle wallsOver on my other blog I’ve posted a few photos of a visit we made to Scotland last year. Scotland is, of course, full of Scottish history. One of the most interesting visits we made was to Stirling Castle, which stands on a rugged crag above the town of Stirling. As with all these castles, some sort of fort would have stood up there for millennia. Over the years, the walls and buildings were expanded and added to, and a garrison was in the castle until 1964.

Now, the castle is an important historical monument and work has been done to restore the buildings and some of the wonderful art in the upper rooms, where the gentry lived. But the other thing that has been done – and which I particularly liked – was dioramas in the working part of the castle, where the real business of making the castle work, went on.

These pictures show vibrant scenes from the kitchens and the bake house. The figures convey real life and character, with people dressed as they would have been in Medieval times. You can see the range of food prepared in the kitchens and the bakehouse. A fascinating glimpse at a world now gone.

picture of server carrying quail

picture of kitchen scene

picture of people in kitchen at Stirling castle

picture of people preparing bread

picture of food being prepared