A change of direction

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When I first created my website it was all about my writing ‘career’ (such as it is). It was intended to showcase my books and maybe tell people about the latest Work in Progress. I don’t quite remember when it all changed. It happened slowly, as these things do. I’d get my knickers in a knot about something happening in the real world and write a blog post about that. And every time we went on a trip somewhere, I’d write a blog with photos to share with friends – but also for Peter and me, as a kind of diary. Which is fine.

The problem is the audience for those kinds of articles isn’t the same as that for the original purpose. Many of the readers of the weekly blog, as it has become, wouldn’t be interested in the vagaries of writing science fiction (with a dollop of romance). So, I’ve decided to revert this blog to its primary purpose. Although I will continue to post my travel blogs here.

Of course, you can unsubscribe from here if it doesn’t suit. You’ll find my new blog at A perception of reality where I will continue to muse about happenings in the world. I’d love you to subscribe – it’s FREE!

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