A glimpse of the past

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The town square at Hessenpark

It was Boxing Day, another day when Germany’s town and cities would be deserted. The ship was still tied up at Frankfurt’s industrial harbour and tour director Alex was having to come up with interesting destinations within reach of coaches. We were given a choice of a palace (whose name escapes me) and what he called an outdoor museum. The state of Hesse had set aside land (about 150 acres, 60 Ha) to preserve its history. As old houses are torn down, some are transported to the park and rebuilt. Established in 1974, the park now has more than 100 buildings from all over Hesse. There are also old breeds of domestic animals such as chickens, sheep and pigs, and old varieties of apples and other vegetation. Here’s the website for more information.

As usual, the day started grey and bleak but as the coach travelled up into the hills, the sky began to clear. It’s amazing how a bit of sun can lift everyone’s mood, even if the wind reminds us that this is winter.

This building shows how the half timbered houses were built
The rooster guarding his ladies

Most of the old buildings were open and many of them contained displays of life in earlier times, as well as collections of things as varied as radio sets and old computer components. These displays are always interesting and sometimes nostalgic as you recognize various items that are now in a museum.

An early 2oth century home
Some of these items are familiar
The printer’s workshop

The restaurant in the complex was open, mainly for lunch but Pete and I went in for coffee. To my surprise they didn’t have any cake. Oh well. That could wait until we returned to the ship.

It would have been lovely to come here on another day, when the market stalls were open. That’s not a complaint – it is what it is. Just being wistful. I’d recommend a visit to this place.

By the way, if you’ve happened upon this page by accident and you’d like to read more about the tour, go to the tour page where you’ll find the rest of our adventures.

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