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I’ve been sorting through some of the many photos we’ve accumulated over the years. Since about 2002 those pictures are stored on a computer so it’s very easy to have a look at what we did back then. The fading prints in folders in boxes in cupboards are a different thing altogether. I’m sure there are some nice photos in there but it’s all too hard.

Anyway, here are a few digital blasts from the past.

I took this in 2002 on a road trip around Victoria. It’s the twelve apostles on the Great Ocean Road on a rather bleak day.

This is Mt Napier in Victoria, an obvious volcano. It erupted so recently (32,000 years ago) the aboriginal people would have seen it. Taken on that same trip, 2002.
Cradle Mountain in Tasmania above Dove Lake, 2004. Usually the mountain keeps her cloud cloak wrapped tightly around her peaks. We were lucky to see her unclothed.
Python’s Pool in the Pilbara, an oasis in the desert. 2013.
Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays. The water really is that colour. 2014.
In summer thunderstorms like this one are common in the hills around Stanthorpe. Look closely at the horizon just right of centre and you’ll see a tornado. Taken in 2015.
There are many waterfalls in the highlands between NSW and Queensland. This is Daggs Falls. Also 2015.
It had been raining in the north and the waters had reached Lake Eyre in the middle of the desert. It’s usually a salt lake. Nobody knows how the pelicans know the water’s there but they flock there in their millions to breed and feed. 2016.
Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges. These are some of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, folded and rollded and folded and rollded… The Swedish Chef would be proud. Also 2016

That’ll do for now. There are so many others.

By the way, the top image was created by Midjourney. The rest are all photos taken by me.

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