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The war in Ukraine continues and it seems to me Mister Putin is becoming increasingly belligerent (and, I suspect, worried), warning the West of dire consequences if he doesn’t get his way. I’m hoping the West realises that if this thing is not ended now it will simply get worse.

There’s an election on in Australia, but I’ve got nothing to add about that.

Every morning lately we’ve had a parade of lorikeets, a few kookaburras, a family of miner birds, and a big white pirate (ibis) waiting around for breakfast. The pirate lurks, hiding in corners where it thinks we can’t see it. Pete’s getting quite good at throwing lime windfalls at it. He never hits it, of course, it’s too agile for that. It swears at him and pretends to fly away – then sneaks back when he thinks we’re not looking.

I’ve shared plenty of photos of my colourful little friends but here they are in a video.

They’re all fairly polite here, but the turf wars go on. The knob on the pool gate is very popular as a ‘king of the castle’ spot but it’s often in contention. In the next pictures, one bird has decided he WANTS IT.

In possession
Intruder incoming
Invasion imminent
Take-over complete

In the evenings we get another mass event – the resident fruit bats fly out from their daytime roosts to forage in the farms and forests inland.

Apart from that, life goes on. We’re booked in for our annual ‘flu shots and our second covid booster. The crystal ball shows holidays in our not too distant future. Let’s hope the world stays in a holidayable state for a while to come.

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