On the road again – or should I say the river

Recovering from jetlag in Leyden before we catch a riverboat in Amsterdam

Europe 2016 – a river cruise with Scenic

We joined Scenic’s Scenic Jade at Amsterdam for a fifteen day cruise on the Rhine and the Moselle, back to the Rhine and up to Basel in Switzerland.

Amsterdam to Antwerp

We sail out of Amsterdam along the Amsterdam Rhine canal, and from there to Antwerp.

The lovely little Dutch village of Veere

We visit the gorgeous little village of Veere, and the storm surge barriers that keep the North Sea out.

Nijmegen and the killing fields of Arnhem

I visit the cemetery at Arnhem and remember the abortive attempt to capture the Rhine bridges in 1944.

Andre Rieu’s home town

We visit Maastricht, Andre Rieu’s home town.

Nibelungen, not Romans

A visit to the old town of Duisburg, home of the legend of Siegfried and the Nibelungen Lied.

Where the Moselle meets the Rhine

Koblenz – where the Moselle flows into the Rhine. We visit the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein,

Want to impress your wife? Buy her a castle.

We visit Cochem, a lovely German wine town – with a restored castle high on the hill.

The Moselle Valley – or grape growing for mountain goats

We sail along the Moselle, past the vineyards on the steep slopes.

The oldest town in Germany!

We take a short trip to the city of Trier, touted as the oldest city in Germany.

Back to the Rhine Gorge

We return to the Rhine and sail through the Rhine Gorge to Rudesheim.

And now for something completely different

We tie up at Mannheim and visit the Hockenheim Ring, the home of car and bike racing in Germany.

A visit to France

We take a bus trip into France to visit Strasbourg

Father Rhine takes charge

Instead of a visit to the Schwarzwald we had to settle for a wander around Breisach.

Gruyere – mountains, cows and cheese

From Basel we catch a bus into the Swiss Alps – first stop Gruyere.

Montreux, playground of the rich and famous

We arrive at our hotel on the shores of Lake Geneva for a 2-day stay

Not just another bloody castle

A wonderful visit to Chillon – the castle on the rock.

the view from the top

We take a funicular railway train up the mountain behind the hotel to Rochers de Nayes.

Through the mountains to Bern

The bus winds its way along the narrow mountain roads from the lake to Bern.

Luzern and Zurich

We make a short stop at Luzern on the shores of the lake before driving on to Bern

Stop-off in Singapore – meeting the locals

We break the long flight home with a couple of days in Singapore.

Stop off in Singapore – exploring

We visit the old parts of Singapore, the gardens by the bay, and the rail transit system.