Harbour lights. A junk, its red sails illuminated, adds to the spectacle

A whirlwind tour of Hong Kong and Macao 2017

Hong Kong then and now  Pete and I spent four nights in Hong Kong, rather longer than we’d stayed on other occasions on business, or on our way to Europe. Moreover, this was a holiday, not a business trip.

Hong Kong – the better parts of town  Our first morning in Hong Kong started off a bit misty, but cleared to a fine day. We joined our guide, Biddy, and a dozen other travellers for a half-day tour of Hong Kong Island. The day ended with a cruise on the harbour to admire the city lights.

Hong Kong – the cheaper seats  After our tour of the gallery parts of Hong Kong it was time to take a look at the cheap seats. We signed up for a tour called ‘the land between’ – meaning the parts of the territory between the teeming streets of Kowloon and the border with China. It’s more generally known as the New Territories.

Hong Kong shopping  Years ago what attracted Australians to stay a day or two or three in Hong Kong was the shopping. Sure, it was an accessible way to get a look at the Orient, but mixed with that was the great exchange rate, and the quality goods for sale at substantially less than the prices in Australia. Even when the sales taxes were altered back in the Keating years, you could still snap up a bargain in Hongkers.

A lazy Sunday in Hong Kong  Sunday was our last full day in Hong Kong. We hadn’t quite given up on the shopping yet, but this time we headed towards the city centre on the island, with Causeway Bay on the way.

Off to Macao  Cruising from Hong Kong to Macao via Turbojet is just like getting a seat in an aircraft. You go through customs, get a little printed piece of paper for your passport, and off you go.

A day tour of Macao  It’s hard to imagine how anyone could run a day tour of 28 sq km of Macao, but it was done. Casinos, the sky tower, and the Portuguese part of town.