Earth from space

It’s 2011 and Pete and are enjoying travelling. We planned to fly to Amsterdam, where we would spend four nights. Then we’d fly to Copenhagen and join the Norwegian Sun for a nine-day Baltic cruise, returning to Copenhagen. After two nights in Copenhagen we’d fly to New York for three nights. We’d catch a train to Washington and spend four nights there before flying across the country to San Francisco for three nights. From there, we were headed home via Los Angeles. Trains ‘n boats ‘n planes.

Around the world in a bit less than a month

We’re off to Amsterdam via Frankfurt for the first stage of our journey

A few days in Amsterdam

It’s always nice to mooch around this wonderful city.

Wandering around Amsterdam

A distant relo takes us to parts we haven’t seen and we look visit the Amsterdam Museum

First stop Warnemunde

We fly to Copenhagen, then make our way to join the Norwegian Sun for our Baltic cruise. Our first port of call is Warnemunde in what was East Germany.

A day in Tallinn

We spend a day in Tallinn, the beautiful capital of Estonia

St Petersburg – a jewel of the north

We start a 2-day visit of St Petersburg with a visit to Catherine’s Palace, then a canal cruise

Not every hermitage is a mountain cave

We visit the vast Hermitage museum

A taste of Finland

Next stop – Helsinki where we learn about the Winter War.

A slice of 17th century maritime history

We go ashore at Nynashamn, then take a bus to Stockholm, where we visit the Vasa Museum

The end of the Baltic cruise

We stay two nights in Copenhagen and buy a new suitcase

New York, New York

We rrive in the USA and get acquainted with this huge city

A wander around Manhattan

We set off for a day of exploring, starting with a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty

A last look at Manhattan

We have a morning stroll around the quirky bits of the city then enjoy an afternoon with a friend

Washington- a capital city

We take an Amtrak train to Washington through a countryside full of surprises – and an unexpected walk along the railway track

Aircraft, spaceships, nebulae – oh my

We visit the National Air and Space Museum and then some of the sights. Including a mall and Walmart

The Natural History museum and a bit more Washington

Fossils and minerals – then a visit to the Capitol building and the parks round about

Crossing America

We fly from Washington to San Francisco via Detroit

A Glimpse of San Francisco

We visit Fisherman’s Wharf and discover the vagaries of a mjor hotel on a weekend