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A pox on both your houses

A picture of the Preview file menu

What happened to Save As?

I haven’t had a rant for a while. Let me tell you, readers, the time has come. (Takes deep breath)

Rant/ What is it with Apple and Microsoft? Why do they find it necessary to change a perfectly functional user interface to something that is supposed to be ‘better’ but clearly is not?

I recently upgraded my Mac OS from Snow Leopard to the new Maverick. (About two days later, I decided that was a mistake, and went to see if I could roll back. But that’s not easy, so I’m stuck with it.) The Mac has a nifty program called Preview which allows you to see your pictures, files and things. You can do good stuff with pictures, like crop, resize and save in different formats. That’s important when you need to resize book covers for the precise requirements of various websites. Eg Omnilit wants 200X300, Payhip want 660 wide and there’s no point in loading a 4MB file to Smashwords.

Preview had in its file menu easily understood actions like ‘save’ and ‘save as’. You know, words that people understood, that have stood the test of time. You opened your file, made your changes, then you selected ‘save’ or ‘save as’ depending on what you wanted to do.

But some people just can’t stop fiddling.

Now, when you make a change it is saved automatically. Boy, that sure messed me around. I worked out that you have to ‘duplicate’ your file. (What was wrong with ‘copy’?). Make your changes. Then you have to ‘rename’ your file. What a crock of pompous, redundant shit. Did anybody think to test the new and improved user interface on a living, breathing person? If they’d tried it on me, you might get an idea of what I would have said. Oh, and when Preview says it’s going to save a file at a particular size, it’s just kidding. Or if it isn’t ,Finder (see below) adds up sizes differently.

It’s not just Preview. The ‘new and improved’ Finder window has removed all those very useful options like ‘recent’, ‘yesterday’, ‘images’ and so on. In their place is a new set of different coloured tabs I’ll never, ever use.

This sort of thing is exactly why I have never upgraded MS Office (which I run on my laptop) from 2003. It works just fine, I know where everything is and I don’t need to relearn the f***ing interface.

Having grappled with the horrible, thankfully short-lived Vista, I’m dreading the arrival of Windows 8 into my life. I’ve already been introduced to this abortion of an OS on the OH’s tablet, Win 8 RT. Unfortunately, I’ll have it inflicted on me when I buy the next laptop, when I suppose I’ll be forced to upgrade MS Office. Or maybe I’ll go learn how to use Open Office properly.

Microsoft, Apple, a pox on both your houses. I hate you. /rant

Feel free to add your horror stories. I’d love to know it isn’t just me.