When opposites attract, explosions are sure to follow…

Sara York’s fight began during a bloody episode on her planet that left her vowing justice. Now, she hides her true identity behind a respectable job as a freight operator. Her mission is simple: orchestrate raids, hijacks, and piracy to support the rebels.

Everything was going according to plan until Fyn reappeared in her life.

Confederacy Fleet Admiral Fyn Nielsen’s new assignment is to assist the ruler of a distant world to help eliminate piracy and smuggling. The last person he expects to see is Sara. He has never forgotten the woman who saved his life nearly a decade ago.

What might have been a simple reunion becomes a dangerous game of subterfuge between the rebel and the military admiral sworn to stop her.

As Sara and Fyn struggle with the growing love between them, they each face tough choices. If Sara risks everything, including her heart, will Fyn be there to catch her… or will he imprison her as a traitor?

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This book is a space opera romance with mild sex scenes. It is set in the same universe as the Ptorix Empire series.