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Sometimes (quite often) the human world is a rather ugly place. I suppose it’s one of the reasons I write books – I can make up my own characters, their situations, and what happens. I don’t do dystopian or horror. There’s enough of that in the real world. Mind you, dystopian and horror still intrudes because readers can leave some pretty scathing reviews. I try to avoid them – not everyone will like what I write – but sometimes I come across them. Who knows why people write horrible reviews? Maybe they’ve just broken up with their partners, or having a bad hair day or something. Others think they could have written the story better. More than one good writer I know has packed it in and taken up knitting or something.

Anyway, at the moment I’m waiting for feedback from my editor on my latest missive, The Admiral and the Rebel. It’s out on pre-order for those of you who like my space opera romances.

You know how the experts tell you it’s harder to lose weight when you’re ‘elderly’? About nine weeks ago Pete and I decided our clothes were shrinking and we didn’t want to splash out on new stuff so we thought we’d better lose a kilo or two. We’re both about nine kilos lighter, mainly by eating less junk, eating smaller portions, and cutting back on carbs. We’re the lightest we’ve been since 2014. Which I think ain’t half bad.

Meanwhile, here’s a gallery of our little mates. They’re much nicer to look at than the news.

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