Living in an imaginary world

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I haven’t got much to talk about this week. I’m too busy living in my imaginary world writing a book. It’s good fun, quite challenging – and much less confronting than reading the news about the war with Hamas.

There is some hope in our crazy world, though. There has been much interest and support for the group Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) in London. Their international conference in London was a sell-out. Organised by former Australian deputy prime minister John Anderson and British Baroness Philippa Stroud, it included people like Jordan Peterson, Bjorn Lomborg, and a number of politicians from around the world. It’s pushing back against the tendency to devalue and belittle Western civilisation, and questions some of the ‘woke’ sentiment of our time such as gender fluidity and man-made climate change. It’s good to see.

So I’ve decided to post some pretty pictures from here and there.

Reichsburg castle
Austria Danube valley
Cobbold Gorge
Autumn in the botanic gardens in Christchurch
Ha Long Bay

Happy November to everybody and best of luck for the running of the Melbourne Cup next Tuesday.

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