The view from up there

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That’s a marina beside Auckland Harbour. Many, many people in the city own a boat but the number per capita is not as high as Finland.

Doing a ‘city sights’ tour in a large touring coach is hard work – for the driver, especially as half of Auckland’s city centre roads are disrupted because they’re putting in an underground railway system. But Linda was up to the task and gave us a running commentary as we passed the University, Government House, theatres, the impressive War Museum, and so on. I confess I wasn’t terribly interested. Cities are not my thing.

After a drive along the road beside the ocean, we stopped at Michael Joseph Savage Park (a former PM) which boasts a lovely sunken garden and reflecting pool, as well as great views back to Auckland and the harbour. And toilets.

The view from the park
A lovely formal sunken garden

Back in the city, we went up the Sky tower to admire the view. I have to say I think these towers are amusing. There’s a lot of ‘mine’s bigger than yours’, accomplished by sticking a TV mast or the like on top of the building. You do get a comprehensive view of Auckland and if you’re brave enough you can stand on the glass panel and be suspended in midair.

Here’s a very short video of the view from up there.

How’s that for brave?

That’s Rangitoto Island and it wasn’t there just six hundred years ago. The Maori saw the eruption that created it. Read all about it here.

The tower offers fun activities such as bungy jumping or walking around the outside attached only by a cord. Pass. The view from the glass-bottomed lift is bad enough.

And now it was time to head off to the number one item on my bucket list – Hobbiton. Bounce bounce bounce.

By the way, if you’ve happened upon this page by accident and you’d like to read more about the tour, go to the tour page where you’ll find the rest of our adventures.

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