A pinch of salt might not be enough

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Summer was absent without leave at the beginning of December. We landed at Hervey Bay airport into drizzle and (for us) cold temperatures. For me, jeans were still the order of the day. But that changed, weather being what it is, and soon we had sunny skies and soaring temperatures. Not long after that the weather talking heads were predicting HEAT WAVES.

Sorry, I must have missed something. Since when was a row of days with temperatures in the low to mid-thirties in Queensland in summer a heat wave? It’s what happens here. But anything for a clickbait headline. It seems nothing can be ‘just another day’ anymore, not even the weather.

Which brings me to the Netflix tell-all about Prince Henry and his American wife. I confess if we subscribed to Netflix (we don’t) I might take a look out of morbid interest. After all, Netflix has spent a lot of money on marketing this show even if the footage they used had nothing at all to do with the Markles. Read one version of the story at Photographers Call Out ‘Misleading’ Images in Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Trailer. Just about anything you read or see has to be taken with a large dose of salt.

The story that’s unfolding since Elon Musk bought Twitter is a case in point. It seems the US Government exercised quite draconian control to suppress stories it didn’t like regarding matters such as Hunter Biden’s laptop, the source of the covid virus, mask mandates, and others. Adam Creighton’s article in the Australian is disturbing reading. Hunter Biden laptop: Twitter files dump reveals tale of censorship. (Behind a pay wall – sorry – but here’s a quote.

“In fact, it increasingly is looking as if the FBI, in particular, has been getting back to its J. Edgar Hoover roots, less interested in real crime than it is in acting as America’s moral police force. It’s a worrying harbinger of a dystopian future where speech, as in China, is free only so far as it doesn’t upset the US government.” (Where he says ‘as in China’ I think he means it shouldn’t upset the Chinese government.)

Have any of you read George Orwell’s 1984? No? You can buy it for $0.45 on Amazon.

It seems Brittany Higgins isn’t done even if her alleged sexual assault case has been withdrawn. She has a civil case happening against her former commonwealth employers Senator Reynolds and Michaelia Cash. She’s claiming $3 million but isn’t prepared to test her case in a court of law. Whatever sympathy I had for Higgins disappeared quite a while ago. Seems it’s really all about the money.

I’m still having fun with Midjourney.

Pounamu (greenstone) carvings
Porcelain busts
Teddys in armour

Back to travel blogs until next Saturday. Have a great day/evening wherever in the world you are.

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