A storm is brewing

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Storm clouds on the horizon

I can’t help thinking that we’re living through 1939 all over again. Czar Putin has his troops massed on Ukraine’s border. All he needs is an excuse to invade. Back in 1939, Hitler had security service (SD – Sicherheitsdienst in German) agents dressed in Polish uniforms attack a radio station in Poland and broadcast anti-German propaganda. That was, of course, the ‘last straw’ and, feigning righteous indignation, he unleashed the Wehrmacht.

I wonder what Putin will dream up? And whether the UK and France will stand with Ukraine and declare war on Russia? And how soon after the Winter Olympics Emperor Xi will move on Taiwan?

It’s all too awful to contemplate so this week, as we move out from under the pandemic cloud, I’m just gonna share pictures and hope the world continues to be a beautiful place.

Close up of dew on a flower
A man walks his dog at dawn
Breaking wavelets

Enjoy your weekend, everybody.

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