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(c) Stock Unlimited 1504852

Political correctness and inclusion has gone just a bit too far. An article in the Australian prompted this particular rant. You have to subscribe to the newspaper to read the full text, but here’s the first paragraph.

Kids, 5, in sex-change stories uni research trial.

“Children as young as five have been used for storytime sessions featuring books with transgender characters, introducing concepts ranging from cross-dressing to gender reassignment surgery, as part of a university study being used to advocate for the expansion of the Safe Schools program into primary schools”

In this story book mummy explains to her son that she should have been born a man, so now she’s going to be his daddy.

Don’t get me wrong. It happens. I have a friend in the US, father of a son, who has decided to transition to a woman. I have two other friends, born male, who are transitioning to female. It’s a long and difficult journey, made all the more difficult by prejudice and distrust. It’s not an easy decision to start that journey. There has to be a compelling reason why a white male in Western society would want to give up the privilege that comes with that demographic to become a female. As individuals, they have my friendship and respect.

But I do not see any need to raise these issues with tiny children.

Far too often our Western society stops kids from being kids. These sorts of gender complications are surely unnecessary at the tender age of five. Teach them how to read, and spell, and draw. Wait at least until puberty to raise issues of sexuality. I shudder at the thought that kids will start to wonder if they were born the wrong sex. I was the quintessential tomboy in my day. I loathed dolls and anything pink and girly, loved toy guns and played Cowboys and Indians. When I was given a cowgirl suit I threw away the skirt. Was that a sign of a boy born into a girl’s body? I rather doubt it.

And since this matter of white privilege has come up, have you noticed the condescending attitude of male commentators towards female athletes at the Olympics? No? In case you missed it, here’s one article, complete with attempts to mansplain why the remarks were made. This article says a bit more, from a female point of view. There are plenty of others. This, to me, is a FAR more important issue to raise with kids at a young age. Teach boys to show respect for girls. Stop bullying. Promote equality. With that in place, I’m certain people who decide (when they’re old enough to understand what’s entailed, and that there’s no going back) to transition to another sex will receive a bit more understanding.

And now for this week’s pictures. Since it’s nearly spring time, here’s a few from our Greendale garden.

The spring back border - profusion of colour
The spring back border – profusion of colour
A bee gathers pollen from a clematis
A bee gathers pollen from a clematis
Tulips and Dutch iris under a deciduous tree
Tulips and Dutch iris under a deciduous tree


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  1. Julia Barrett

    I agree. No different than saving the down and dirty details of sex for later. They don’t need to worry about this stuff. All they need to do is play and be themselves.

    • Greta

      And whaddya know, the same crowd want to explain to 15 yr olds that there are 20 different ways (at least) to do the sex thing. Shudder. Talk about sex by all means – but a how-to manual? Oh please.

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