Pete and I spent Christmas 2017 on Norfolk Island, a tiny, fascinating spot in the middle of the South Pacific. It’s full of history, breathtaking scenery, and wonderful people.

A tiny speck of an island

A very quick overview of Norfolk Island and its history and people. With photos of the breathtaking scenery

Norfolk Island’s convict past

We visit the ruins of the brutal penal colony that existed between 1815 and 1855, then walked through the cemetery.

The settlers from Pitcairn The connection with the mutiny on the Bounty and how the Pitcairn Islanders came to live on Norfolk

How humans changed Norfolk Island A look at how settlement impacted on the island and its wildlife – and a quick look at how the locals view the Australian ‘take-over’

A few more Norfolk Island bits The Culla clydesdales in a little more detail, St Barnabas chapel explained, and some gems from the progressive dinner.