Book 1 of the Ptorix Empire series.

An epic quest like no other begins! Discover heart-pounding action blended with closed door romance set in intricate space opera worlds, you’ll be captivated from the first page to the last.

Danger lurks, threatening to disrupt the fragile balance of peace in the Galaxy. Allysha Marten embarks on her final mission to free herself from debts and the betrayal of her unfaithful spouse. The last place she wants to be is in the middle of an interspecies conflict. She is a systems engineer, not a soldier. Drawn deeper into the suspicion that the operation she is working on involves more than reopening an abandoned mine, she turns to the only person she has grown to trust—the security guard who has unexpectedly captured her heart.

Ex-Admiral Chaka Saahren has a reputation—and it isn’t a good one. Going undercover to discover those behind a growing threat to the galaxy, the last thing he expects is to become enchanted by the new systems engineer. He hates lying to her, but the truth would only put her in danger.

As the oncoming likelihood of war looms, Saahren is confronted by not only his past, but Allysha’s. He will need her help if they are to prevent those determined to destroy the fragile balance of peace. Can he convince Allysha that he isn’t the man she thinks he is… and that she is the only woman he has ever loved before it is too late for all of them?

This Science fiction action romance features non-humanoid aliens and some non-specific sex scenes. There’s action adventure and politics. This book is followed on by The Iron Admiral: Deception. They’re really a two-part set.

If you enjoy Star Wars and/or Star Trek (with a bit of romance) this science fiction action romance is for you. If you enjoy Susan Grant’s books this science fiction action romance is for you.

Reviewers Choice Award, Twolips Reviews Feb 2012. “Ms. Van der Rol has that unique ability to paint a masterpiece with words.”

“The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy is what a proper SF story should be.”

“This book is a winner. Science fiction action-adventure with a romance thrown in.”

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