7 sure-fire ways to make me leave your website – in seconds

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I really, really have to wonder about some website developers. Do they ever test anything on real people? This is going to be my list of gripes, but when I mention these cases (especially the last one) to others, I … Continued

It’s as though we’re all little red engines…

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The summer solstice has been and gone, and now the days are getting shorter. But not for a while, not worth talking about. Here in Australia the year is coming to a close. School’s out until February, everyone is on … Continued

Is the extended edition of The Hobbit a better movie?

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Finally! My very own copy of the extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arrived! I spent a happy afternoon watching the movie and I’ve had some time to think about it. These things are all about editing, are … Continued

N. Gemini Sasson – The Crown in the Heather

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“The autumn wind was murderous cold. Small gray clouds raced like mountain hares above a drab and muddy billowing of land. Leafless limbs clattered in complaint against the onslaught of wind.” The wonderful use of evocative language is just one … Continued

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