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Are you the type of reader who likes a bit of romance in your stories but can do without blow-by-blow descriptions of the sexy bits? It’s kind of a reverse of the way it used to be back in my younger days when books didn’t even suggest that S.E.X. might be involved in a relationship. Think Barbara Cartland. (I don’t think I’ve ever dipped into any of that redoubtable lady’s many, many books but lots of other people must have.)

These days many writers have opened that forbidden door with a vengeance. It’s very easy to find a whole slew of books where sex is frequent and graphic. Usually you can tell by the cover. A male torso (often headless) displaying finely sculpted abs signals intent. The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey attests to how many folks like that sort of thing. And that’s absolutely fine. To each his/her own. These days, I find I’d rather stick to the action and mystery bits. I don’t mind a bit of bedroom drama but a couple of paragraphs is enough for me. I have a vivid imagination. And that’s how I write most of my books. (Not all, mind. Some are a little steamier than others.)

If your taste runs parallel with mine, you might like to take a look at this book bundle.

They are all science fiction romance novels – plenty of action and adventure, and romance without the how-to sex manual. Click the image to take you there.

This bundle is only available for a short time.

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