A new year of reading

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That’s it for another Solstice Celebration, everyone. I hope you had a wonderful festive season, however and whatever you celebrate. It was quiet at our place, just the two of us. Covid has put the kybosh on so many people’s plans.

But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t eat well. This being Australia, it’s a summer Christmas, warm and humid. Our preference is for seafood and we turned to an old favourite, Rick Stein’s wonderful seafood gratin. Here’s the recipe. We passed on the apples, though. Some steamed veg was a better fit for us.

NYE was even quieter. It’s been a few years since I was up past midnight.

So… now it’s 2022 and like everyone else I’m looking forward to an end to this pandemic that doesn’t want to go away. We have things to do, places to go.

But meanwhile, there’s plenty of time for reading.

If you’re looking for more reading material and you’re an animal lover, click here and you’ll find over thirty free or bargain priced (less than US$5) novels starring pets. Some are science fiction (mine is), others are paranormal or fantasy – but all of them have a pet or familiar as a core character.

Please take a look. You might well find your next read.

This will be my third last reading/writing related blog post. Over time, my blog has drifted away from the original plan, which was to talk about my writing. My Saturday blog has become more about life, the universe and everything, which is why I introduced the Wednesday blog post. The last of them will be on Wednesday 19th of January.

I’m shifting writing related articles to a new monthly newsletter. It will feature reviews, thoughts on writing, my latest work in progress and great offers, like the one on this page. I’d love you to subscribe. I promise not to spam and you can unsubscribe at any time if you’re bored.

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