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Marketing is the thing if you’re an indie (ie self published) author. I’ve mentioned before it’s very hard to make a mark in an ebook ocean that grows and grows every week. It’s not just books, of course. Online retailers offer all kinds of blandishments to persuade us to sign up. A popular one is a discount on your first purchase if you sign up to the newsletter.

We authors might offer you a free story if you sign up. Or if you’re like me and a newsletter is beyond your capabilities, you simply make the first book of a series free in the hope that a reader will think it’s sufficiently worthwhile to fork out some hard-earned for the next books. But even that only works if people know you’re offering a free book.

Remember I mentioned a post or two ago that the best things authors can do is combine their efforts? We did that with the Pets in Space 6 anthology. Now we’re doing it again with a collection of free books. As the title implies, these are not just science fiction and many will not include any romance. You’ll find shifters and magic and straight-up science fiction in this lot. If you’re an SFF reader, you should be able to find a book or two to pique your interest. After all, you won’t get them at a better price.

Please share this post with anyone you know who might wish to increase their ‘to be read’ pile. After all, the holidays are coming up – long hours at the beach or in the air con for us in the southern hemisphere, and Thanksgiving and cozy log fires for them up there. And for everyone, there’s Christmas.

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