Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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The tunnel is the on-going drama of looming lockdowns, QR codes at every store, masks at the merest sniff of one person being infected with covid. If you’re a pessimist, you’d be saying that’s the light of the on-coming train. You wouldn’t even think about booking a holiday anywhere, certainly not interstate and – good grief – overseas! If you’re an optimist you might hope that’s daylight ahead, where we can return to at least some level of normalcy.

At least vaccination targets are in sight. NSW is nearing 90% for at least one jab. Other states are improving. But even so, the megalomaniac premiers won’t go along with what they agreed at the so-called national cabinet and continue to make up their own rules. Even when we get to 80% fully vaccinated, life will still be a round of QR codes and daily updates to tell us how many were tested, how many were positive to covid, and how many died. Maybe even border guards between Australian states.

Pete and I were double-vaccinated half a year ago and we have our fingers and toes and ears and eyes crossed that we’ll finally be allowed to go OS next year. We have a New Zealand trip coming up, and it’s great to see that even Jacinda Ardern has acknowledged that covid is here to stay. We’ll have to pony up $145 each to be tested for covid no more than 72 hours before we fly and we’ll have to wear masks in the terminal and on the plane. And, of course, we’ll have to abide by whatever restrictions are imposed in New Zealand. But we’ll be travelling.

In contrast to the Antipodes, it seems the United Kingdom has accepted that covid is endemic and lifted pretty well all restrictions. No quarantine, no masks, no limits on gatherings. People can attend concerts and they can even sing in church. It sounds positively idyllic.

Let’s hope that all the fear-mongering and hysteria that so often colours covid stories finally starts to die down and life can resume in a more normal fashion, especially for the hard hit hospitality and tourism sectors.

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