Some relief from Covid-19

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The news is full of Covid-19, the shops are empty, everybody who can is working from home, and just about any place where people gather has been closed, or limited to 100 people. I imagine you’re as sick of the down-beat news as I am, even though it’s important. For what it’s worth I think we’re in for a depression and the world is going to have to make some significant changes to how it does business – in particular its reliance on China. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Pete and I are fine so far. Hervey Bay does not seem to have degenerated into reptile-brain behaviour as much as the big cities. Yes, people have been stockpiling, especially toilet paper, but there appears to be plenty of fresh food. The governments at both federal and state level are offering assistance to workers and small business to get them through these difficult times. I guess we all know things will get worse before they get better.

Meanwhile, come with me back to the beach and enjoy nature in the raw.

There are plenty of birds, crabs, jelly fish etc etc – but even without the wildlife the beach is a beautiful place. The water rises and falls over a range of 3-4 metres so the landscape is always changing. One day you can see the little reef, next day you can’t. One day there’s a huge sandbar, a few hours later it’s gone. And then, of course, as the sea and the currents do their thing, the sand is moved from one part of the beach to another. The sand dunes at the edge of the nature strip are undercut by storms and the council gets diggers out to shore up the edge.

All that movement creates patterns. I showed you the crabs’ fine sand art last time. But the sea itself carves its own creations.

The water flows down to the sea and carves its own channels
Little shells carve tunnels
Sand ripples match water ripples
There’s enough water left to reflect the trees
Footprints in the sand – probably a lizard
Worms? Shells? Either way, tiny volcanoes spewing sand

And then there’s the water itself. Sometimes there are waves – never very big unless there has been a major storm further north. But little waves form the same as big waves.

A tiny surfer could ride that pipe
Lines of waves

I think the seagulls like the beach as much as I do.

Seagulls enjoying the ambience

I hope you’re all keeping well. Look after yourselves and each other, especially the vulnerable old people and those with underlying health concerns. Thanks for dropping in and see you next time.

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