Autumn has arrived

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Autumn in the botanic gardens in Christchurch, I haven of serenity in this beleaguered city

The world’s been a pretty awful place lately, what with drought, floods, and terrorism. But I’ve said enough about that stuff, so I thought I’d talk about the weather.

Here in Australia our weather woes are continuing. Two large cyclones are active in the northern parts of the continent – TC Veronica on the west coast and TC Trevor on the east coast. Veronica is set to hit Whim Creek, between Karratha and Port Hedland. Trevor has crossed Cape York into the Gulf of Carpentaria, and is going to make landfall in the Northern Territory. Both storms will wreak havoc – and bring much-needed rain to the interior. If we’re lucky, Trevor will start to move south-east and we might get something from its tail. We have had some rain here, enough to revitalise our garden, but we’d like a bit more.

Majestically ignoring the concerns of its inhabitants, the world has continued its dance around the sun. The equinox has passed, so now the days in Australia are becoming shorter. Autumn, or Fall as many call it, is my favourite time of the year. In cooler climates the trees put on a spectacular show. In warmer places like ours the temperatures are warm and calm. So here are some of my favourite Autumn photos taken over the years.

I’ll start with the botanic garden at Christchurch, a beautiful haven in that beleaguered  city.

I took this in Christchurch’s botanic garden when I visited the city last year
One of my favourite Autmn photos. Autumn finery reflected in the Rhine
Autumn in the Wachau Valley October 2015
Autumn colours and sunrise tints at Durnstein on the Danube
Autumn from the deck at our house in Greendale. The evergreen eucalyptus forest is behind our exotic deciduous trees
Silver birches preparing for the winter chill at Greendale
Golden light and calm seas are what Autumn’s all about
The sun’s just up and the rupples sparkle like silver paper
Calm seas, clear skies, bright ripples

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  1. Mona Karel

    so much light to enjoy! We are of course, at the other end of the seasons with our days growing longer again. Soon we’ll have sun well into the evening. And then HEAT
    Such amazing photos, our world can be so lovely

    • Greta

      Yes. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the planet is actually a beautiful place.

      Enjoy your springtime while you can (that is, while Spring lasts and before the summer heat). I’m sure you’ll share pictures.

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