I wish them good health and happiness

My post this week is a little late – sorry about that. I’ve had some technical issues (apart from GDPR) that I’m still grappling with.

But I wanted to make a POINT.

I’m not a royalist. I’ll take it further and say that as an Australian, I’m a born-again Republican.

Right, that’s done. NOW I’ll talk about the Royal Wedding. I know, I know. Half of you were dazzled, the other half were sick to death of all the hype and the glamour and the bitchiness. To some extent I was in camp B, but when you think about it, if the press wasn’t full of the wedding, it was full of car accidents, murders, yet another school shooting in America, and political back-stabbing at all levels. The wedding was about a lonely young man who’d finally found a beautiful woman with the poise and experience to put up with the adulation and paparazzi nonsense that he’s lived with for all his life.

Seems to me after a rocky start with the death of Diana, the Windsors are becoming much more a part of the real world. Charles married Camilla, a wedding his sons attended. Then we had William and Kate Middleton (the very lovely daughter of a middle class family) and now Harry has found hapiness with a divorcee of mixed race background. And if that last sentence sounded at all bitchy, that’s not how it should be taken. To me, it looks like a love match, not some arranged union with (as a commentator put it) “some horse-faced German princess”. Sorry, Germany.

Since I haven’t been to the doctor lately I didn’t see the women’s magazines which no doubt had a wonderful time talking about the dress and the bridal party and Meghan’s bogan relos. Apart from this event selling millions of magazines, tacky souvenirs like mugs, cups, commemorative plates, it also sold plenty of international plane tickets, and within UK, train, bus, and parking tickets. Thousands of people lined the Long Walk in Windsor. More thousands lined the routes about the town streets. Millions watched it unfold on TV.

People – ordinary people – loved it. And Harry and Meghan – and William and Kate – embraced the joy. And good on them. If we looked carefully, I’m sure we’d find Prince Fred of Denmark and his wife, Aussie Mary, somewhere in the crowd.

Meghan’s mum, Doria, wore the most beautiful dress – and her nose stud and unashamedly afro hair – with pride and dignity. Kudos to her.

So if you enjoyed the Royal Wedding, all power to you. It was a wonderful breath of brightness in an increasingly dark world.

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2 thoughts on “I wish them good health and happiness

  1. Joan

    I am full of sympathy for the queen ,seams to me wasted life ,she could have done so much more if she had been able to undo the chains that held her . If you compare the two lady’s one was full of conserne how’s she was seen by others and the other ,was peaceful proud and full of love not frightened for anyone to see her that way
    That’s the way I see them ?‍♀️

  2. Eva Caye

    I had to look up the word ‘bogan’, but otherwise I agree with you entirely. I’m rather glad the Royal Family’s starting to get real instead of the whole ‘arranged marriages’ thing that European royalty has done since forever. A shot of new genes might just keep the crazies from calling their kids reptilians, hey? Hahahaha! Probably not, but it’s worth a try.

    What I thought was kinda cute was the way EVERYONE talked about the wedding tying the U.S. and Britain together. They made a big deal about things like that one song and the choir, yadda yadda, when I think that was the song played at Diana’s funeral. I didn’t watch the ceremony, really, just caught bits on the computer in passing, but it was beautiful and I hope they’re happy.

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