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Prof Stephen Hawking, universally acknowledged as a great physicist and a leader in the study of black holes and cosmology, died recently at the age of seventy-six. These days, seventy-six isn’t particularly old – but it’s remarkable if you suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. Prof Hawking was diagnosed with this dreadful disease at the age of twenty-one and was given only a few years to live. Here’s my thoughts on his disability and his life, written just after his death.

ALS is a type of motor neuron disease which attacks the nerve cells that control voluntary movement, such as walking, talking and the like. Over time, victims lose the ability to walk, talk, eat and even breathe. Although the disease can strike at any time, the incidence is highest in those between fifty-five and seventy-five. To be struck down at such a young age was particularly devastating. There is no cure. Please refer to this fact sheet for more information on the disease, its symptoms, and current research.

Not long after Prof Hawking’s death the ABC aired a program about an Australian with this horrible disease. He used a conventional string puppet to illustrate the condition. One by one the strings used to manipulate the puppet’s limbs are cut, until there’s just a mind trapped inside a useless body. That’s how Prof Hawking lived for fifty years. It’s horrifying to imagine.

Research needs funding. We’ve seen the powerful ice bucket challenge, but this is something new.  As part of an effort to raise money for ALS research, a group of authors got together and pledged a quarter of their earnings from the sale of selected books, each of which have the colour blue in their covers.

You can help us by buying the books on offer and sharing this wonderful cause with your family and friends. You can also help by making a direction donation to the research effort. Go to Greta van der Rol’s page on the ALS Team Challenge page and make a donation – anonymous if you wish.

My chosen book for the promotion is Morgan’s Choice.

Somewhere out in space, humanity’s past is about to catch up with its future.

When Morgan Selwood’s spaceship is stranded in unknown space she is relieved to be rescued by humanoid aliens. But her unusual appearance and her extraordinary technical abilities mean that everybody wants a piece of her. Who’s it to be? Autocratic Admiral Ravindra, who press-gangs her to help against a shadowy threat from the stars, or the freedom fighters who think she’s a legend reincarnated, returned to help them throw off the yoke of oppression?

Morgan doesn’t much care which it is until the uprising and the atrocities start. While civil war rages across the planet the shadowy threat from the stars emerges as an implacable killer bent on destroying all intelligent life. Morgan will need every bit of her superhuman, bio-engineered intelligence to save the man she has come to love and his people from annihilation. And spare a little to save herself.

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There’s a dozen excellent books on offer, science fiction romance and paranormal romance.  You’ll find all the books here. You might find something else you’d like – and know you’re supporting a wonderful cause

You can find out more about our support team here. Please share to anybody who might wish to help. The more the merrier.



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