Teaser Tuesday – a piece from the WIP #sfrgtt

This will be the second in the Morgan’s Misfits series, currently called GLACE. You’ll be meeting most of the ladies from Kuralon Rescue (Chet, Jirra, and Toreni) and we have a new cast member, Romila. Yes, snow is involved.

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Remember, this is a work in progress, so the details might change.




Romila glanced up at the chrono again. Two minutes to eight. She could probably safely start closing up shop. This sector of the Shar Burk space station tended to empty out around now. She turned around to lock the crystal cabinet behind the counter, admiring the shifting colours in the intricately carved stone. They were popular items, but she’d never found it easy to part with them.

The door tinkled. Damn. Customers. She was looking forward to going upstairs, but that was retail, wasn’t it. Fixing a smile on her face, she turned. “Good evening. How can I help you?”

Even as she said the words her pulse began to pound. The well-dressed man might have been interested in exotic crystal, and might have employed the Shuba towering behind him as a bodyguard. But the man exuded an air of menace. The half-smile on his face and the narrowed eyes hinted at a different purpose. Romila put her hand down under the counter, feeling for the grip of her laser pistol.

“Uh uh uh. Hands on the counter, Romila,” the man said, stepping forward. “I wouldn’t want Terkan here to have to make a mess.”

The Shuba raised the Umex P-40 pulse pistol he held in one massive hand, its wide muzzle a gateway to hell. If he pressed the trigger, the shelves behind her would be shattered, and they’d have to pick pieces of her out of the wall to put them in a bag for the funeral.

Romila put her hands back on the counter. “What’s this about?”



It’ll be another fun adventure on new planets, and there’ll be some cameos from Ravindra and Morgan.

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