That’s it? That’s the plan? #SFRBpresents

A little more from Kuralon Rescue. Jirra and Siena have enlisted two more people for their quest; two metre tall ex-trooper Toreni, and disgraced detective Chet. In this snippet, Siena explains the grand plan to Chet.

“I go down there as a prospective investor, and find out what I can, wanting to see the land, the town, what the prisoners can offer, that sort of thing. The prisoners must be taken out to work outside the jail. We find Anton and rescue him from his work duty. We hide, tell Jirra we’ve got him and she comes down in the ship to pick us up.”
“How are you going to spring him?” Chet asked.
Siena looked at Jirra.
“We haven’t had a chance to work that out.” Jirra felt the heat rise from her neck. She’d never had to plan, not with Prasad, Admiral Ravindra and Morgan along. Now she said the words, it sounded pathetic.
One eyebrow arched above those green eyes. “What intelligence do you have?”
“Not much. Only what we could get on the public systems.” Jirra kicked herself. If she’d applied herself at Crossmar, using some of Morgan’s little toys, she could have found out more.
Chet put her elbows on the table and covered her face with both hands. Her fingers slid down until she could see over the top. “That’s it? That’s the plan?” Her words sounded muffled through her hands.


Oh dear. They’re not very well organised, are they? Find out more about the book here


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  1. Veronica Scott

    Well at least they’re talking thru the plan before trying to implement it LOL. If this was a movie that would totally succeed! Fun excerpt, despite the seriousness of the overall situation.

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