And they’re off! (Or are they?) SFR Brigade presents…

picture of cover idea for the new book

Subject to change without notice

Here’s another snippet from ‘Kooralong Rescue’ (the current work in progress).  Jirra has agreed to take Siena off to Kooralong. They’ve reached the space station, Jirra has checked the ship, and now it’s time to leave. Just as Kali’s Gift is about to head out…


“I’m sorry, ma’am,” the controller said. “We’ve just received an impounding notice from the planet. You can’t leave until the issue is settled in court.”

“Oh, mala,” Jirra murmured as she closed down the comms link. “This will be the bounty hunter, trying to delay me.”

“He’ll be delaying me, too.” Siena’s nostrils flared. “Can’t we just leave anyway?”

Jirra’s heart rate slowed. “Yes. The umbilicals and bridge are already retracted. Just the tethers to go. But we’ll get into trouble. That’s illegal.”

“They have no right to delay me. Let’s go.” Siena glowered, her eyes glittering.

Jirra shoved her hand down on the control to start departure. The harnesses rose from the seat backs and settled over their shoulders as Siena added, “I’ll contact mother later to get her to talk to those idiots. Lien indeed.”

The bow thrusters fired. Jirra kept her eyes on the screen as Kali’s Gift slipped backwards, gathering speed. Figures appeared, two security guards running toward the bridge, followed more slowly by another figure. Jirra’s heart hammered. Was that Jutt? Impossible to tell at this distance. A loud bang jangled her nerves.

Siena jolted within her harness, staring at Jirra with wide eyes. “What was that?”

“The tethers.” Jirra pointed at the screen where two cables writhed in the empty docking bay.


So they’re off! I wonder what happens next? Be sure to check for more snippets at the SFR Brigade.