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I’m hard at work writing the first draft of a new novel set in the Morgan Selwood universe. This time, the main character will be Jirra, who some of you may recall had an ill-fated affair with Senior Commander Prasad in Morgan’s Return. Jirra and Prasad have gone their separate ways, but Jirra has refused to marry the man her father had selected for her. Now she’s on the run from a bounty hunter her family has sent after to her to avenge the family’s honour.

But you know the old saying? Out of the frying pan, into the fire? In this scene, a new-found friend wants Jirra’s help.


Deliver a passenger to a planet? Jirra could easily do that. But then she might be drawing Siena into danger. It was bad enough worrying about herself. “Isn’t there a commercial flight?”

Siena shook her head. “No commercial flights.”


“It’s a new settlement.”

Jirra eyed Siena, sensing shiftiness. Something else was happening here. “A new settlement with no commercial flights?”

Siena ran her tongue over her lips. “All right. It’s a labor camp. They’re rebuilding a colony destroyed in the war. They send people there to die, work them to death.”

“Why has he been sent there?”

“His friend had to be careful. Everyone’s monitored. But putting a few things together, he’s been convicted of being in a plot to overthrow the government.”

Oh, no. Stuck on some crusade with Siena? Getting involved in somebody else’s love life? That was all she needed. Rising to her feet, Jirra said, “I don’t think so. I don’t want to be involved in a rebellion.”

“You don’t have to get involved. All I want is anonymous travel to Kooralong,” Siena said, reaching out a hand. “Then you can do what you like.”


12 thoughts on “Try a taste of the new book #sfrb

  1. Cary Caffrey

    I’m with her – no commercial flights? Prison planet? Rebellion? Heck, no! I’m sure she’ll do the smart thing and pass on this offer. πŸ˜‰

    Great snippet. Looking forward to more.


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