Dawn at the beach #photo

Summer’s on the way and I tend to wake with the sun. Early morning light and low tide – what could be better? So I went to the beach. The first morning, I left my Canon 550D at home and took out the little Sony Cybershot compact. This is about the best photo I took.

Sony shot

I was pretty disappointed. The Sony is capable of taking a good picture at 18Mp resolution, so I’ll admit one problem was my lack of familiarity with it. But the biggest issue in my opinion is the lack of a view finder. So the following day I took along my Canon 55oD. Here’s the result.

IMG_4450 (1)

Using the Sony I tried to take a picture of the gibbous moon reflected in a tidal pool but that didn’t work at all. When I had the Canon the moon was too high for a reflection. But I took a picture, anyway. And a few reflections. I love reflections,

Gibbous moon IMG_4498 IMG_4490