Leap for your life

Picture of a fish jumping at dawnI was down on the spit at the creek one morning earlier in the year, waiting for dawn as the tide came in.  I noticed  fish jumping, no doubt escaping the jaws of a predator and took my chance to see if I could get a shot, albeit at some distance. The result is at left, a little fishy jumping for its very life into an atmosphere which would kill it if it stayed too long.

A bit like us going the other way, I suppose, jumping from a burning boat into a freezing sea.  What a choice. Hurl yourself into the unknown and hope for the best or stay and face a more certain death.

A while later, while walking on the beach in broad daylight, I noticed a school of tiddlers trying to escape an unseen marauder and I tried my luck again.

This time, the subjects were closer and I was able to get some better shots. How? I was lucky, of course. I couldn’t hope to press the button when I first saw a fish rise into the air because by the time the shutter clicked they’d be gone, but quite a few were jumping in the same vicinity. Using sports mode, I took a succession of shots in the same area. I ended up with a lot of pictures of the sea. But some captured that split second while the fish was out of water. It felt very special.

Picture of jumping fish

picture of jumping fish

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