I saw them filming that!!!

I’ve just watched the Olympic Games opening ceremony (or at least that part of it available at a civilised hour in this part of the world). It’s always interesting to see what the host nation will come up with to entertain the crowd and with all such shows, it had its good and its bad. The lighting of the flame was incredible, a real show-stopper. Beautifully done.

But the highlight for me was the London Symphony Orchestra playing ‘Chariots of Fire’ – complete with Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson). I laughed till I cried.

He goes off into a dream sequence, where he’s doing the famous run along the beach from the movie Chariots of Fire – and I realised we’d seen them filming that segment. (!!!)

We visited Britain in May and while staying in Edinburgh, we took a drive out to St Andrews. On the drive down the road between the links and the sea, we stopped for a look at the ocean and noticed a film crew on the beach. We had the usual discussion. An ad? Some sort of documentary? Who cares? Snap. Moving right along…

Picture of beach where fiming is happening

Now, months later, we understood what we’d seen.

Has anything like that happened to you? Please share?

4 thoughts on “I saw them filming that!!!

  1. jaristophanes

    I pretty much loved the whole ceremony (except the parade, because 204 countries does tend to drag a bit. And my favourite country, Mexico, came on when I went to use the toilet). I love Danny Boyle and I thought he did an amazing job presenting the real UK to the world without either over-sanitizing it or disparaging it. Not an easy task.

    When I was a kid I lived in Whittier, a suburb of Los Angeles, and they used the downtown Whittier area for one of the exterior sequences in the ridiculous Dolph Lungren/Courtney Cox film Masters of the Universe, so we went down to watch that. It’s not quite the same as serendipitously coming across some filming, though. And in SoCal that sort of thing happens all the time. Or it used to, before they moved all shooting indoors in front of green screens.

    1. Greta van der Rol

      You’re right about the parade. We never have to wait long – a few little places then it’s AUSTRALIA. (Except in Sydney, of course). Thanks for stopping by.

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