Ducking around

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Our swimming pool attracts all sorts of critters and I suppose the most obvious one would be ducks. This pair landed in the water one day last year and started a bobbing courtship dance.

Eventually the mating took place. She looks a bit panicked but I’m not surprised. And then we had the ducky equivalent of a post-coital cigarette. The feathers under the wings are white, but they’ve reflected the colour of the pool liner.

I quite like ducks (they’re Pacific Black Ducks, BTW) but we don’t encourage them because they poop in the pool a lot. (Even so, I think they pop by just after sunrise, have a quick dip and then push off again before we get up. I have found… evidence, you see.)

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  2. Amy McGuire

    Wow. I love how the pool liner makes their feathers look an incredible blue!

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