The pass at Kirkstone

To say the weather was wet when we headed into the Lakes District was an understatement.These pictures were taken through the windows of the moving vehicle – nowhere to stop, besides, it was raining.

The rain wasn’t torrential but it was relentless, tumbling from clouds which felt like they were at little more than ceiling height and inevitably, the distance closed as we drove higher. We had to negotiate the Kirkstone pass, 1500 feet and dangerous in bad weather.

It’s beautiful wild country up there in the hills, glacier-gouged, rock-strewn slopes. Walls built of the stuff of the hills line the road, separate the hillsides into paddocks. Stoic sheep graze the grass. It’s all right for them; they belong here. The narrow road was barely wide enough for two cars and here and there a deep valley opened up just on the other side of that stone wall.

It was a hairy drive, but rugged and beautiful. I have no doubt that the scene and the feeling will appear in a book somewhere. No experience is ever wasted in a writer’s life. Wouldn’t you agree?

4 thoughts on “The pass at Kirkstone

  1. prudencemacleod

    I actually was there on a sunny day years ago. Beautiful. The Kirkstone Pass is well noted in the song, Witch of the West Moorland, is it not?

    1. Greta van der Rol

      Just a tad :). But this pass is in the Lakes District, which is England. It’s a very, very beautiful part of the world, green and lush and wet. Gorgeous.

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